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  1. Drive Shaft Bolts

    Drive Shaft Bolts


    Drive Shaft Bolts, includes washer and nut. Learn More
  2. smitty built

    Low Profile 4-Way Roller Fairlead


    This roller fairlead guides your wire rope onto the drum and protects it by reducing friction and excessive wear on winch cables or wire ropes, especially during high angle pulls. It is easy to install and works with all standard winch plates. Learn More
  3. Davez Off Road Rear Shock Relocate Bar

    Davez Off Road Rear Shock Relocate Bar


    Our rear shock mount allows you to put your shocks on top of the rear axle. Which allows more articulation of the rear axle then where the stock shock location is. Kit comes with Shock bar with welded shock tabs, bolts for top and bottom and 4 shock tabs that you will need to weld on the axle. The shock bar is intended to be welded in as well.

    Learn More
  4. Suspension winch

    Suspension Winch 3000


    We understand when you have a link or even leaf sprung suspension, that during a vertical climb or decent, your suspension will unload making your truck less stable as the center of gravity becomes higher. Our answer to this problem is a small, easy to mount suspension winch that will allow you to stabilize your suspension and effectively control how much suspension droop you have during times when having that control makes all the difference. Most competition buggies and hard core trail rigs have been using these suspension winches for years to get the job done. It is compact, reliable, and easy to install. Everything about the Suspension Winch 3000 is tailored so that installation is a snap. The power cord is 56” long, so you can install this winch on the front or rear of your truck and have plenty of wire to reach the battery, the control is engineered so that it can be installed by attaching it to a piece of tubing, a shifter, or by using the bracket to fasten it to a switch panel. The  Suspension Winch 3000 is shipped without winch line and can either be used with cable or synthetic winch line. We recommend 25' to 40' of 5/16" winch line for best performance.

    Learn More
  5. used gears davez toyota

    Toyota Used Ring and Pinion Gear set


    Toyota Good condition used ring and pinion set. 8" Toyota. And others being added. Learn More
  6. Add-A-Leaf for Chevy Rear Springs

    Add-A-Leaf for Chevy Rear Springs


    Full length add a leaf for Chevy Springs. Thse is approxamatly a 2" add a leaf for Chevy springs. With a full length add a leaf your springs will still work like they are suppose to and not ride any stiffer. These add a leafs will give some lift add a bit more rigitity. We have had great results with them. $80 a set Learn More

Items 1 to 6 of 511 total

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