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  1. Spark Plugs

    Spark Plugs


    NGK Spark plugs. $2.25 each 1979-1995 22R and 22RE Learn More
  2. Spool toyota davez

    Full Spool for Toyota


    Steel full spool for Toyota 8" 4 cylinder or V6.  Toyota 8.0" truck with 30 spline axles. Uses 1.785" journals. Made from the highest quality materials to ensure high strength and long life in performance applications. Spools provide 100% power to both tires at all times and are a lower cost alternative to lockers. Spools are not recommended for street driven vehicles. Not a cheap China copy. Quality Yukon and USA. Lifetime Replacement Warranty against defects.

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  3. six shooter toyota

    Toyota Six Shooter knuckle kit


    Over a year in development and testing, this new knuckle design sets a new standard in Toyota knuckle strength and reliability. This kit totally eliminates the problem of broken steering knuckles and studs. The addition of two studs in each arm effectively prevents the steering arm from becoming loose and shearing off the studs. The knuckle housing is also thicker than stock and larger gussets have been added around the outside of the knuckle for extra strength. Precision CNC machined, each knuckle is direct bolt on, heavy duty replacement.

    To remove the steering arms, remove all 6 nuts, then install the bolt in the top of the arm. As the bolt is tightened, the steering arm is pulled up off the knuckle. Stock lower bearing plates and shims from your old knuckles are needed for knuckle assembly.

    • A minimum of four additional steering arm studs are needed for installation.
    • Six Shooter Knuckles are sold as a pair
    • Included is a set of special 6 hole shims for use between the top of the knuckle and the steering arm.
    • Also included is a 1/2" coarse thread bolt to help remove the steering arms for knuckle service. 
    • 130052-1-KIT
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  4. ARP 2000 Hub Stud Kit

    ARP 2000 Hub Stud Kit Toyota


    With 30 spline birfields, six stud knuckles, and chromo hub gears or drive flanges, the next weak link in your front axle is your hub studs. When they fail you will be left without four wheel drive, and often times the hub will be unrepairable. Trail-Gear, in partnership with ARP, have designed the most durable hub stud on the market. These hub studs are made from the strongest material ARP can manufacture for this type of fastener. ARP 2000 material has a tensile strength of 220,000 PSI and the ARP 2000 hub stud is cadmium plated to ensure that it is protected from rust and corrosion for many rough years to come. On the top of the stud we machined a 6mm hex head so that installation and maintenance is easy and no special tools are required. ARP 2000 hub studs are sold in kits of six with all the necessary hardware included, one kit per side required.  we are so confident you will not break these we are backing them with our world famous No Questions Asked Warranty.

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  5. Front (IFS Elim) and Rear Suspension Kit

    Davez Front Suspension kit Toyota IFS Eliminator Kit


    Front Suspension kit . If you are looking to get rid of that IFS suspension and put a solid axle under your Toyota then this kit is for you. We use our own flexy leaf springs with our no Death wobble shackle kits. This kit works great with 35'' tires. Larger tires can be used with trimming. Not the cookie cutter kit. This is a well thought out kit that works great on and off the road. Great off road flex and stability without sacrificing good road manners. You will have a truck to be proud of. Have fun out flexing your friends and enjoying parts that out last them too.

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  6. Toyota Straight Axle Brace Upper

    Toyota Straight Axle Brace Upper


    This gusset welds on top of your Toyota front solid axle and helps prevent bending of the axle housing. Our brace/gusset is made longer so you can weld the brace to your spring perch for the strongest support possible. 

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