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  1. toyota split ring davez

    Toyota split ring for straight axle


    Toyota split ring for straight axle. Sold separately Learn More
  2. Spot Lights

    Auxiliary Lights


    High-performance, very compact light for hard-to-fit Grille guards and light tabs, as well as other challenging locations. Super slim 5 diameter configuration with a quartz/halogen 55 watt H3 bulb. Available in a high-gloss black, polished chrome or Stainless Steel with hard plastic cover. Learn More
  3. Tacoma SAS Oil Pan Kit

    Toyota 3.0 and 3.4 2wd Oil Pan Kit


     When doing a solid axle swap (SAS) on a 88-04 Tacoma, pickup or 4runner, removing and replacing the oil pan is a necessary step to avoid clearance issues. These oil pan kits for 2.7 and 3.4 and 3.0 engines are a direct replacement fit for the 2.7 and the 3.4 and 3.0  and provides plenty of clearance for your axle housing, steering linkage, and ram assist.

    Learn More
  4. Davez Off Road Rear Shock Relocate Bar Toyota

    Davez Off Road Rear Shock Relocate Bar Toyota


    Our rear shock mount allows you to put your shocks on top of the rear axle. Which allows more articulation of the rear axle then where the stock shock location is. Kit comes with Shock bar with welded shock tabs, bolts for top and bottom and 4 shock tabs that you will need to weld on the axle. The shock bar is intended to be welded in as well.

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  5. Front Drop Spring Hanger

    Front Drop Spring Hanger


    Out of stock

    When installing longer front leaf springs a new spring hanger is needed. Now a super beefy front hanger is available in any width for any front axle application is here. Center tube is made from 1/8'' 2x3 square tubing for more mounting area under the frame for maximum strength. Spring hangers are 3'' wide and made from 1/4''. Strong enough to hold up to any abuse. 18mm spring mount hole. If you need a different width than the Toyota 29'' center of spring perch to center of spring perch just enter the width. If no width is entered we will assume stock Toyota axle width 29''. Thank you Learn More
  6. knuckle pull scale toyota

    Knuckle Pull Scale


    A pull scale is helpful in setting up the trunnion bearing pre-load on a knuckle. By increasing the shims above and below the knuckle, the knuckle becomes tighter or more loose. When installing new knuckle bearings we recommend checking the shims with a pull scale. Attach the pull scale on the steering arm with the tie rod / drag link removed and the felt on the back side of the knuckle not yet installed. The knuckle should not move until about 15 lbs of force is applied to the steering arm.

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