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  1. toyota lift davez

    Dave'z Classic Front Lift Kit


    "Classic" lift kit is designed for first generation 1979 - 1985 factory solid axle trucks and 4Runners.  Super flexible 47" leaf springs, long travel shocks and high steer crossover steering combine to bring you up to 20 inches of articulation for beginner rock crawling ability.

    Included with each kit is a knuckle rebuild kit, upper axle gusset and differential armor.

     This kit is based around a 35" tire size.


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  2. 4340 Chromoly Rear Tacoma Axle Shafts

    4340 Chromoly Rear Tacoma Axle Shafts


    When you add larger tires to your 95 1/2 - 04 Tacoma you increase the risk of twisting or breaking a rear axle shaft, that is why these are made from forged 4340 chromoly rear axle shaft with a breaking strength of 8,300 ft-lbs of torque and up to 120 degrees of twist. 

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  3. light bar toyota davez

    Roof Mount Light Bar Toyota


    Out of stock

    Roof Mount Light Bar. Un-Welded. More models coming and welded version too. If you have gutter rail molding. It will still work. It just doesnt bolt down as nice as witthout the gutter rail molding does.

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  4. Tacoma Transfer Case Adapter Plate

    Tacoma Transfer Case Adapter Plate


    This adapter plate kit allows you to mount one or more gear driven transfer case(s) in your 1995-2004 2.7L/3.4L Tacoma. The adapter plate is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum at the Trail Gear Headquarters. Vehicle modifications required for installation include: lengthening the front and shortening the rear drive shafts, additional floorboard hole for the second transfer case and crossmember replacement. Our design does not require modification to the transmission for installation.

    With our Tacoma adapter plate you can install the legendary Toyota gear driven transfer case(s) in your trail rig. These cases are known for their strength, reliability and configuration flexibility. With the correct adapter plate you can put one, two or even three transfer cases into your truck. Each case can have stock 2.28 gears or 4.70 low range gears installed.

    Note:One top shift case will be needed to perform this conversion, for duals, both cases need to be top shift. Also required is one 23 Spline 2.28 input gear.

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  5. Knuckle ball seal Davez

    Knuckle Ball Wiper Seal Toyota


    Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals offer, without a doubt performance and quality.

    The Ball Wiper Seal is a double sided seal that keeps grease in and dirt out, all while eliminating the use of the OEM felt and rubber. Since it is made from seal-grade polyurethane, not UHMW, the seal is pliable enough to stretch over the knuckle ball during installation. This eliminates the need to cut the seal for installation which allows water to enter the knuckle ball and for grease to escape.

    Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals are sold in pairs with our legendary HD Rings. One kit will complete one axle.

    Kit Includes:

    • (2) Knuckle Ball Seal Wipers
    • (1) HD Ring Kit
    • (16) Correct Ring Bolts
    • (16) M6 Lock Washers
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  6. Trail-Link Three™ Front 3-Link Kit

    Front 3-Link Kit


    Front 3-Link Kit is the only complete kit for Toyotas on the market today. This kit is affordable, user friendly, and strong. The link material is 2" x .250" wall DOM tubing, while the rod ends are 1.25" Creeper Joints™. All brackets are 1/4” steel, formed and welded. With 14” shocks we are getting 40” to 50” of articulation depending on the suspension in the rear of the truck.

    This kit has been extensively tested and has been in service for months on multiple trucks and has proven itself.  Includes everything you need except your choice and size of shocks and upper shock mounts. Upper shock mounting location varies from vehicle to vehicle.

    This kit works great with the air shock kit.

    This kit may not work with high steer. Full hydraulic steering is strongly recommended.

    When using a Front 3-Link Kit with Rock Assault Front Axle Housing , you cannot use hi-steer.

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