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  1. Marlin Crawler Xtreme Duty 4.70:1 Total-Spline gears

    Marlin Crawler Xtreme Duty 4.70:1 Total-Spline gears


    As the inventor of the 4.70:1 Gear Ratio for use in Toyota transfer case products with 22-years experience with low range gearing, our our 4.70:1 XD gear set is in a league all by it's self and will take your truck to an entirely new level of confidence, performance, and dominance.

    The Marlin Crawler 4.70:1 XD gear kit will replace your truck's stock 2.28:1 low range ratio with a 4.70:1 ratio, giving you a 51% lower final drive ratio. Your truck will become easier to control, have a much greater ability to maintain traction, and will save critical components such as your clutch (if manual transmission) and your brakes. Additionally, your torque output will increase by more than 50%, which means you won't have to rev your engine to get power. You'll be able to go slower, control your vehicle, prevent bouncing and jerking, which will result in a safer trail ride with less risk of breaking parts

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  2. Flange Dust Shield

    Flange Dust Shield


    Dust shield for use with flange above. Fits front or rear, differential or transfer case output.

    • Dust Shield, Transfer Case Flange
    • Dust Shield, Diff Flange
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  3. Toyota Straight Axle Brace Upper

    Toyota Straight Axle Brace Upper


    This gusset welds on top of your Toyota front solid axle and helps prevent bending of the axle housing. Our brace/gusset is made longer so you can weld the brace to your spring perch for the strongest support possible. 

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  4. RCV Longfield Davez

    RCV 30 Spline Chomolly Birfield Toyota


    Direct from the manufacturer. High quality U.S made parts are costly. We cant offer a goodie bag of parts made in China to go along with your axles. Rest assured YOU will have the strongest axles on the planet with these birfields. We can offer a discount , use code RCV 30 at checkout. This product has a lifetime warranty against breakage. Warranty requires the use of RCV Chromolly hub gears to be used. 30 spline chromoly super set is the worlds strongest axle for Toyota's. They are made out of 4340 chromoly and 300M material. The star has been redesigned with more 300m material and is considered even stronger than before. They are the strongest birfields on the market. They allow up to 40 degrees of turning radius and have a consistent breaking point of 8900-9000 foot pounds of torque. $199 ea FREE shipping. You will be refunded the shipping charge.


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  5. Pro Comp Shocks

    Pro Comp Shocks


    Available sizes:

    1. 9.5" full length 24'' collapsed length 15''. recommended mount space 19''

    2. 14'' Travel:  full length 33.5'' collapsed length 19.5'' recommended mount space 24.5''

    3. 15'' Travel:  full length 35.5'' collapsed length 20.5'' recommended mount space 25.5''

    (these are actual travel measurements)

    Pro Comp es 3000 shock

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  6. toyota wheel bearing seal davez

    Toyota Front Wheel Bearing Inner seal


    Toyota Front Wheel Bearing Inner seal fits 79-95 4x4 Toyota Truck and 4Runner Learn More

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