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  1. Warn PowerPlant Dual Force HP

    Warn PowerPlant Dual Force HP


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    The PowerPlant Dual Force HP is an Ultimate Performance winch and compressor in one unit, and it's perfect for the off-road enthusiast. Powered by a 4.6 hp motor, the compressor flows 5 cfm @ 90 spi, with a built-in air tank and intercooler. You can air-up four 35" tires from 8 psi to 35 psi in eight minutes or less, zip off lug nuts, and more. Best of all, the PowerPlant mounts to a vehicle like any other WARN winch.

    When you switch to winch mode, the PowerPlant delivers legendary WARN winch technology and reliability. And with a 9,500 lb. capacity, fast line speed of 26.9 feet per minute (no load), and 125' of 5/16" wire rope, you'll have plenty of pulling performance.

    Premium on-board air and a high-performance winch in one convenient, vehicle-mounted multi-tool: You'll wonder what you ever did without it.

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  2. Top Shift Conversion Kit B

    Top Shift Conversion Kit B


    When doing a top shift conversion on a forward shift T case, you will need a block off plate to block off the old (unused) hole in the transmission that the forward shift shifter was in. In addition to that you will also need a new top shifting shifter to shift the new T case. That is why we have put kit B together for you, this is the perfect kit for a guy who is going to run a dual case set up.

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  3. Spindle Stud Kit

    Spindle Stud Kit


    When assembling your spindle, gaskets and backing plate, does it feel like you're all thumbs while trying to start the bolts? This kit contains 16 studs and flanged nuts. With the studs installed it's easier to install the spindle and gaskets. Gaskets are placed on the studs and the spindle one at a time, then nuts are installed on the assembly.

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  4. Warn 9.5ti Winch

    Warn 9.5ti Winch


    The WARN 9.5ti Thermometric winch packs 9500 lbs. of pulling capacity into a massive 12.5 lb aluminum die-cast body. This winch not only looks great, but sheds the elements like no other winch on the market: seals at the key points give extreme-duty water resistance. A Gen ll Series Wound motor delivers just the right balance between torque and speed.

    Plus another Warn Industries first :

    - operator feedback

    - the thermometric indicator gives the operator information about motor temperature during the winching operation.


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  5. Diff Breather Nipple Toyota

    Toyota Diff Breather Nipple Kit


    These Breather nipples have the correct thread pitch to install right into your Toyota axle housing. Then a hose can be ran up into the frame for guaranteed breather that will keep water out of your axle. Sold individually $6.50 ea set

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  6. Knuckle ball seal Davez

    Knuckle Ball Wiper Seal Toyota


    Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals offer, without a doubt performance and quality.

    The Ball Wiper Seal is a double sided seal that keeps grease in and dirt out, all while eliminating the use of the OEM felt and rubber. Since it is made from seal-grade polyurethane, not UHMW, the seal is pliable enough to stretch over the knuckle ball during installation. This eliminates the need to cut the seal for installation which allows water to enter the knuckle ball and for grease to escape.

    Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals are sold in pairs with our legendary HD Rings. One kit will complete one axle.

    Kit Includes:

    • (2) Knuckle Ball Seal Wipers
    • (1) HD Ring Kit
    • (16) Correct Ring Bolts
    • (16) M6 Lock Washers
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