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Brake proportion valve for Toyota

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Adjustable brake proportion valve is a great way to dial in your rear brake operation. This replaces the old load proportional device. Only requires 3 holes to be drilled and bleed the brakes. At the right front wheel there is a brake line T where the brake line from the master comes to the right front wheel and a line that goes to the rear brakes. Disconnect the line from the master to the T. Connect your right front soft line to the line from the master. The T now only should have a line running to the back. This is not needed now. The other line at the rear of the vehicle connects to the inlet of the proportioning valve. For drum brakes without the pressure valve. 


Brake proportion valve for Toyota

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  • Adjustable Brake Proportion Valve
  • Brake proportion valve for Toyota
  • Brake proportion valve for Toyota

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Rear drums $79.99

Rear Disc Brakes $99.99 :Includes 10 lb or 2 lb residual valve:

Proportioning Valve Adjustment: The proportioning valve is used to adjust the rate of increase in rear brake line pressure, relative and proportionate to the increase in front brake line pressure. For safety and performance, the rear brakes should never lock before the front brakes. Otherwise, an out of control situation could occur. 1. Begin with the valve in the full proportioned (least pressure) position by turning the knob all the way out (counter-clockwise rotation). 2. In a safe location, make several hard stops from 30 MPH observing the function of the rear brakes. If the rear brakes do not lock up before the front, gradually increase the rear line pressure by rotating the valve clockwise (two turns each time). 3. Continue these adjustments until the maximum amount of rear brake pressure can be achieved, and no wheel rear lock is observed. 4. Test the vehicle again at 50 MPH and make any additional adjustments as needed. Help: If after following the instructions, you still have difficulty with installing, bleeding, or adjusting your Combination Proportioning Valve, Call us at (530) 622-2148.

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Manufacturer Davez Off Road Performance

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