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Sloppy Joints

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These heavy duty rod ends are ideal for today's flexible suspension systems. Super strong, Sloppy Joints will hold up to years of punishment. The outer shell is a single forged piece. The inner flex ball is made from 8620 tool steel and rides on high quality polyurethane bushings. Heavy-duty, hardened steel washers hold the joint together. Sloppy Joints are super flexible and allow for up to 40 degrees of movement when used with spacers. A threaded grease fitting is provided on top for lubrication. The flex ball is drilled for cross lubrication flow from the shell to the link mount bolt. Each joint includes a jam nut!

Three different flex ball sizes; 9/16", 5/8" & 18mm, allow you to choose the right size to match your application. The threaded section is either 1" or 1-1/4" in diameter with 14 or 12 threads per inch respectively.

Sloppy Joints are also available in a shackle mount for use with leaf springs. Using a Sloppy Joint on the shackle end of a leaf spring reduces spring binding and increases suspension flex. Sloppy Joint shackle mounts are sold in pairs and do not include the shackles, bolts, or spring bushings.

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Available in the following sizes:

  • 1" Thread, 18mm, Right Thread, 110771-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 18mm, Left Thread, 110774-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 5/8", Right Thread, 110773-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 5/8", Left Thread, 110776-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 9/16", Right Thread, 110772-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 9/16", Left Thread, 110775-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 18mm, Right Thread, 110757-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 18mm, Left Thread, 110760-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 5/8", Right Thread, 110759-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 5/8", Left Thread, 110762-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 9/16", Right Thread, 110758-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 9/16", Left Thread, 110761-KIT

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Manufacturer Trail Mart

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