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Marlin Crawler Xtreme Duty 4.70:1 Total-Spline gears

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Quick Overview

As the inventor of the 4.70:1 Gear Ratio for use in Toyota transfer case products with 22-years experience with low range gearing, our our 4.70:1 XD gear set is in a league all by it's self and will take your truck to an entirely new level of confidence, performance, and dominance.

The Marlin Crawler 4.70:1 XD gear kit will replace your truck's stock 2.28:1 low range ratio with a 4.70:1 ratio, giving you a 51% lower final drive ratio. Your truck will become easier to control, have a much greater ability to maintain traction, and will save critical components such as your clutch (if manual transmission) and your brakes. Additionally, your torque output will increase by more than 50%, which means you won't have to rev your engine to get power. You'll be able to go slower, control your vehicle, prevent bouncing and jerking, which will result in a safer trail ride with less risk of breaking parts

Marlin Crawler Xtreme Duty 4.70:1 Total-Spline gears



Each Gear Kit includes the following:

  • Total-Spline Input, Countershaft, and Low Speed Gears
  • Japanese OEM bearings preinstalled
  • Complete Gasket Seal kit including oil pump, speedometer sender, and transmission output seals
  • Marlin Crawler Turtle Knob

Additional Information

Manufacturer Marlin Crawler, Inc.

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